09 2021

Why moving seems to inspire songs…

So many times I have had to pull over when I’m driving because a song has come to me and has to be nailed down before I lose it forever! I actually had this chat with my tribe on social media, exploring the question of why moving seems to inspire songs. Driving, walking, jogging… I have had so many song ideas drop into my mind and heart when I’m moving around… especially out in nature.

We discussed that it seems to be because in the process of walking or driving, we’re using a part of your brain that is on ‘automatic’, and it frees up the creative part of our brain to come up with songs… or storylines, whatever type of creativity we’re into! Walking or driving also gives us the space and time to create, because we can’t busy ourselves with distractions or doing something else, we’re fully occupied with moving.

This doesn’t seem to be just something that happens to me… so many other songwriter friends have had songs come to them driving or just moving. One friend was out jogging and they had to stop at a fish and chip shop to write a great idea down on a piece of fish and chip paper before he lost it!

I love road trips and bushwalks… especially when I cross the path of a song!